Careers Opportunity

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Indospec values represent our strongest recruiting assets. We are leaders in our businesses because of our people, our technology, and our record of financial results. Our commitment to people begins with the way we recruit, train, and develop the best college and university graduates. The diversity of our workforce—men and women of many backgrounds working together and sharing common objectives—creates a unique culture. If you decide our culture, values and ethics are right for you and your career, and we think you can adapt to our ways of working and possess the required skill set, you’re likely to receive an offer to join Indospec. What kind of people are we looking for? Every careers opportunity requires a different set of skills, but in general we look for
  • good team players who want to contribute to a bigger goal
  • enterprising individuals who like to take action and get things done, to respond to customer needs
  • creativity and intellect to drive our business processes into the future
  • reliability and trustworthiness that will build relationships with colleagues and customers
  • good listeners who want to understand the bigger picture
  • people who can adapt to new situations easily
  • diversity in backgrounds to bring diverse ways of thinking and solving complex challenges

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