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| March 24, 2015
OIL AND GAS Indospec Oil and Gas is a leading technology provider and supplier in enhanced oil recovery, surfactant design, oil recovery evaluation, facilities design, SP or ASP implementation.  We committed and fully consider for the best solution and result. Indospec Oil and Gas becoming EOR and drilling fluids provider in co-operation with Surtek and Oil Chem Technology while in searching Polymer manufacturer to become strategic partner.  


  • Enhanced Oil Recovery Services
  • SNF Drilling Fluids


| March 23, 2015
SOLAR PANELS Indospec Solar addresses the problems of electric lighting needs for coastal communities or marginal areas in Indonesia. Indospec Solar offers practical solutions of solar power. Our solar panels are perfectly suited for remote homes, fishermen, floating cages, etc. Passive solar techniques include orienting a building to the Sun, selecting materials with thermal mass or light dispersing properties. We supply photovoltaic solar energy products that combine cutting edge technology with highly competitive manufacturing to produce a clean and reliable energy solution that achieves stand-alone competitiveness with deregulated electricity markets.  



| March 15, 2015
INDOSPEC GEGREEN LED Indospec Gegreen is committed to creating wide range LED lighting products and has the ability to create customized LED with specific customer needs. Our LED advantages are lower energy consumption, 15 years long lifetime, dimming function, more accurate Color Rendering Index (CRI), fast "on and off", eco friendly, no need for ballast-trafo, optically efficient, no need for reflector and more output intensity even in low temperature. We delight our customers with 3 years warranty. GEGREEN LEDs have passed through quality testing standards for Europe and for Indonesia by BPPT (Indonesia Agency for the Assessment and Application of Technology). GEGREEN LED products diverse in homes, apartments, hotels, office, shopping malls or industry needed. They are the perfect solution in an era of highly efficient energy consumption. It efficient up to 95% compared to incandescent lights and reach 60% compared to CFL tubes. Efficiency in electrical energy consumption will reduce the global warming.  




| February 25, 2015
ENERGY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM Indospec Energi Solusi provides energy management & monitoring system by which clients can monitor the profile of their energy consumption, and gives them the ability to determine what actions are effective to reduce energy consumption. Consulting services to optimize the use of energy and further in order to obtain a reliable energy supply and optimized for corporate clients through a variety of means/procedures such as the use of products, energy saving technologies and the integration of various energy sources. Indospec Energi Solusi provide complete integrated energy solutions ranging from hardware, software and financial support for the efficiency of energy consumption client company.