Indospec Gegreen is committed to creating wide range LED lighting products and has the ability to create customized LED with specific customer needs. Our¬†LED advantages are lower energy consumption, 15 years long lifetime, dimming function, more accurate Color Rendering Index (CRI), fast "on and off", eco friendly, no need for ballast-trafo, optically efficient, no need for reflector and more output intensity even in low temperature. We delight our customers with 3 years warranty. GEGREEN LEDs have passed through quality testing standards for Europe and for Indonesia by BPPT (Indonesia Agency for the Assessment and Application of Technology).¬†GEGREEN LED products diverse in homes, apartments, hotels, office, shopping malls or industry needed. They are the perfect solution in an era of highly efficient energy consumption. It efficient up to 95% compared to incandescent lights and reach 60% compared to CFL tubes. Efficiency in electrical energy consumption will reduce the global warming.