Our principles guide how we conduct business every day. We work hard to manage our global operations with care for the health, safety and prosperity of our employees, customers, communities and the environment. All of us on Indospec Group team, no matter what our role, are committed to these principles. Through auditable systems and open communications, we strive to continuously improve outcomes and build a bright future for generations to come. ENVIRONMENTAL Promote stewardship of natural resources and protect the environment Respect and support the human right to water by conserving, reusing and recycling water and renewing water quality Support society‚Äôs need for increased energy through sustainable sources, products and technologies and efficient processes Challenge the concept of waste through innovative and efficient use of resources, minimizing emissions to air, water and land SAFETY Ensure safe processes that protect our employees, contractors, customers and communities Ensure safety throughout the life cycle of each of our products Train all employees to work safely, preventing injuries to themselves and others Identify and address process safety risks and strive for continuous improvement, with the goal of zero injuries, illnesses and incidents SOCIAL Enhance the well-being of people and communities Conduct business fairly and ethically, respecting human rights, complying with laws and regulations, and following a rigorous Code of Conduct Support communities through charitable giving and community involvement